NeverCurl – Instantly Stops Rug Corner Curling. Safe for woo…

Wednesday, April 5th 2017. | iot

Price: $19.99 - $11.95

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REGISTERED BRAND ON AMAZON: Easiest and Fastest way to Instantly Stop Rug Corners from Curling. Highest Rated Anti Rug Curling product on Amazon.
How it Works:

  • The top adhesive side of the NeverCurl Sticks to the Rug Bottom – Not the Floor.  Makes cleaning under rug easy! 
  • Weatherproof adhesive allows NeverCurl to be used for INDOOR and even OUTDOOR rugs.
  • The stiff plastic holds the rug corner flat. The soft rubber bottom side Protects Any Type of Flooring – Safe For Hardwood Floors. 
  • Use with Any Rug and Over Any Floor Type
  • Our Patent Pending design combines rigid plastic, soft rubber, and weather proof adhesive. It fastens to the rug, not the floor. 
  • It is a well-engineered product that ACTUALLY WORKS, keeping your rug corners flat. 
  • You may need to clean rug corner with rubbing alcohol to remove wax and oil from rug to have NeverCurl adhere properly. 
  • For really STUBBORN corners, you may apply more than one NeverCurl next to each other.
  • We recommend “Mighty X Carpet Tape” to prevent rug slipping, if necessary.  
  • NeverCurl is NOT an Anti-Slip Pad
  • Made in America. 
  • Have no fear, NeverCurl is here.

REGISTERED BRAND ON AMAZON: Instantly Removes Curling AND made in USA. Adheres to the bottom of the rug corner and prevents corners from curling. Exclusive Rubber Layer protects wood floors. Patent Pending Design.
Weatherproof adhesive works INDOORS and OUTDOORS. All Rugs – kitchen, patio, garage, etc..
You have a curled rug corner? NeverCurl fixes this instantly. Works with all rugs and thickness. NeverCurl sticks to the rug, not the floor. NeverCurl does NOT prevent rugs from sliding, or crawling.
Soft patented and trademarked rubber bottom protects wood floor surface. Never leaves marks.
To prevent rug sliding, we recommend “Mighty X Rug Tape”. NeverCurl is NOT an Anti-Slip pad. Size is 7.5 inches long, only 3/16 thick.